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Fax Broadcasting Services

What our clients are saying:

“We've been using the Database Directories Canadian school and library list for the past five years.”

“ It's certainly is a comprehensive and up-to-date list. Their staff have always been very helpful when we've had any questions.”

“We have found that this list has a more successful delivery rate than the previous list we were using and, as an extra bonus, we saved thousands of dollars on our list cost each year since we now pay only a one-time annual fee.”

Kathy Middleton
Marketing Manager
Crabtree Publishing

Has your company tried fax broadcasting yet? We feel confident you will find it a timely, inexpensive and productive method of reaching the School, Library, Academic Book Retailing, College and Municipal markets with your marketing messages.

Fax Broadcasting is also a great way of getting your promotional releases out to media outlets all across Canada.

Our Fax Broadcast Services costs :

.10c per one page fax for customers with a corresponding database type lease

.12c per one page fax for non-leasing customers

Each fax broadcast is subject to a $50 search and select fee.

Database directories provides the most up to date fax databases for:

  • Canadian Schools and Boards
  • Canadian Libraries
  • Canadian Academic Book Retailers
  • Canadian Municipalities

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