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What do we do?

We are the leading provider of current, accurate and detailed contact information on Canadian Schools, Libraries, Academic Book Retailers and Municipalities.

Our Information is provided in Comma-Separted Values or Text directly via e-mail.

All of our databases are updated throughout the year by telephone. Updates are included in the cost of an annual subscription.* (see chart below)

The complete contact database** includes a separate address record for each individual within an institution.

One time use Mailing records are available at $75/1000 records, plus a $50 Search & Select Fee, for every database type.

E-mail addresses are available for each database type at an inclusion of $250 per database.  Please note we cannot guarantee the e-mail broadcast delivery given spam blockers, down servers, etc.

Please contact us (e-mail hyperlink) if you are interested in a multiple database lease.  Bundle pricing is available. Please ask us.

Our competitively priced databases are attuned to your needs in reaching the Canadian market. We design them for ease and flexibility of use, which makes them very cost effective. The chart below shows some of our popular products.

What our clients are saying:

"Database Directories service has become an invaluable everyday tool All my contact management needs are met; it's timely, dependable, comprehensive – and accurate."

Edmund Salt
General Manager, Whitehots Inc.

** (complete contact database)
*(complete contact database)

Canadian Schools

16907 (49897)

$750 ($1000)

Canadian Libraries

4932 (9946)

$500 ($800)

Canadian Academic Bookstores



Canadian Municipalities 4382 (46456) $500 ($900)
Canadian Colleges 1323 (9905) $400 ($800)




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